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Whether you are after a New or Used Semi Trailer or just looking to Rent a Trailer, call the team at Semi Trailer Sales for your transport equipment needs! With our range of trailers consisting of Flat Top Trailers, Drop Deck Trailers, Curtainsider or Tautliner Trailers, Super Dog and Quad Dog Trailers, Low Loaders, Drop Deck Wideners, Semi Tippers, Pantech Trailers and much more, call us today on or or submit an online enquiry here.

Here at Semi Trailer Sales, we offer a range of options for your business to ensure a smooth transaction from start to finish. With any new or used purchase there is more than just ordering the trailer - Whether you require a Victorian Roadworthy Certificate, Registration, and any modifications to the trailer we will endeavour to make your experience with Semi Trailer Sales as simple and pleasant as possible whilst keeping you updated every step of the way.

With offering in-house finance as well as delivery Australia wide, why not let us cover every aspect so you are not having to deal with multiple companies. As we are VicRoads accredited, we are able to inspect your newly purchased trailer on behalf of VicRoads and complete Victorian Registrations on site. Saving your time and any headaches involved with registration.

We Offer

  • In House Finance


    With optional in-house finance, our competitive finance rates with tailored repayments available, let us cover the whole transaction from start to finish. We will be able to keep you updated on the finance progress as well as the trailer progress without the hassle of third parties!

    With lower rates, Easy repayments and no deposit required, call us today on or or submit an online enquiry here.

  • Roadworthy Certificates


    Here at Semi Trailer Sales, we offer the option to purchase our semi trailers with a Victorian Roadworthy Certificate. Our Roadworthy Inspections are outsourced by a third party and repairs are completed by our experienced mechanics in-house before being signed off by a Fully Qualified Roadworthy Inspector. This ensures your trailer to be thoroughly checked and repaired to fit Victorian requirements.

    For more information on Victorian Roadworthy Certificates call us today on or or submit an online enquiry here.

  • Onsite Registration


    Are you too busy? We are VicRoads accredited to register semi trailers on site to minimise any inconveniences for you and your business. Organise us to register your trailer on your behalf to save time and any difficulties that can come with registration.

    For more information on Victorian On-Site Registration call us today on or or submit an online enquiry here.

  • Vehicle Permits


    Require your Semi Trailer transported quickly? If you purchase a new or used Semi Trailer from Semi Trailer Sales and don't want us to register it on your behalf or if need to pick it up right now - Let us organise an unregistered vehicle permit to transport your trailer from our workshop to anywhere in Australia! With any Semi Trailer sale, we offer offer a complimentary 28-Day Unregistered Vehicle Permit to help you get back to where you call home. Whether you are based in Victoria, New South Wales, South Australia, Queensland, Northern Territory, Australian Capital Territory, Tasmania or Western Australia, let the team at Semi Trailer Sales organise your unregistered vehicle permit so you can get your semi trailer on the road today!

    For more information on Unregistered Vehicle Permits call us today on or or submit an online enquiry here.

  • Modification/Customisation


    Do you require modifications to your newly purchased Semi Trailer? Whether you require a full respray with the colour of your choice, twist lock container pins, provisions for road train configurations (ringfeder optional), a conversion from a curtainsider to an open flat top trailer, brand new curtains for your B Double Set or any other modifications to customise the trailer to suit you and your business.

    For more information call us today on or or submit an online enquiry here.

  • Australia Wide Delivery


    We are able to deliver your newly purchased Semi Trailer anywhere in Australia. Whether you have a single, B Double or require multiple trailers stacked one on top of the other, for more information call us today on or or submit an online enquiry here.

Our Brands


If you're in the market for a new trailer, first consider this:

As one of the original aluminium trailer manufacturers, East has worked for over 44 years to build a reputation.

A reputation for being first in overall trailer value. First in payload capacity. First in resale value. First to design and introduce aluminium trailer innovations. All to give our customers the kind of trailers they can rely on, and the peace of mind that comes with reliability.

When you make your living hauling materials, you have to depend on your equipment – your trucks and your trailers. Reliability is key. It's the confidence you have that your fleet (from one truck and trailer to hundreds) will be on the road, making money, load after load, year after year.

But first and foremost, East trailers are surprisingly affordable. We welcome the opportunity to show you, first-hand.

Drop Deck Trailers

The East Drop Deck is the lightest and strongest step deck flatbed on the market, available in overall lengths from 40' to 53' with 10' and 11' upper deck lengths.

To keep weight down, this drop platform trailer features the industry's only true all-aluminium neck – no bolts or steel reinforcement needed.

With today's special load requirements, if you need more back load versatility, the East Drop Deck is a good fit for your operation.

Lightweight for optimum payload potential:

Ideal balance of strength and weight for optimum payload.
Designed for maximum payload.
Strength to handle the stresses of hauling day after day.
Low cost of operation:

Superior engineering yields better designs.
Proven top performer with top efficiency.
Minimum downtime = better bottom line performance.
Strength and durability:

A reputation unmatched for heavy-duty performance.
Every East trailer is designed to be strong and dependable.
Built to hold up under the toughest conditions.
Higher resale value:

Better built means retaining value longer.
Consistently worth more at resale.

Flat Top Trailers

EAST Flat Tops. A Smart Investment.

You have a profit centre in your East aluminium flatbed trailer. It can make you a lot of money, for four simple reasons:

Maximum Payload Versatility: Match our lightweight trailers with high load ratings, and you can haul a wider variety of loads. Haul more, make more.
Low Cost of Operation: Our flats are durable and strong by design, with main beams and cross-members made of aluminium alloy that's just as strong as steel.
Maximum Corrosion Resistance: Aluminium is the best guard against corrosive elements and chemicals. And East offers more anticorrosive options than any other flatbed.
Higher Resale Value: The real proof of the value of a trailer is what someone will pay for it used. East has the reputation for quality that consistently brings a higher resale value.

For more information on East and what we have available in stock call or or submit an online enquiry here.


Groeneveld Lubrication Solutions is active in development, production, marketing and sales of innovative products and services in over 30 countries for more than 40 years. Our product range provides our customers with solutions for automatic maintenance, active safety and efficiency.

Products include Groeneveld “Oilmaster”-automatic oil top up system, “Greensight” rear obstacle detection system and our most commonly known product, our automatic greasing systems.

Groeneveld’s automatic greasing systems can be fitted to almost any type of vehicle, including buses, trucks, trailers, excavation equipment, agricultural and forestry machinery and heavy earth moving equipment. It is designed to lubricate all grease points at specified intervals to give your vehicle or machine optimum working levels at all times. By having an automatic system fitted to your truck which applies grease every 2-3 hours, the problems that occur with manual greasing are overcome as well as keeping high costs to a minimum.

In the world of transport it's all about efficiency. Apart from a tight schedule and an as low as possible fuel consumption, reduction of the maintenance costs constantly need attention as well. This is a tough challenge that Groeneveld is happy to help increase.

Groeneveld offers solutions in maintenance of trucks, trailers, garbage trucks, tippers, etc. With systems that, for example, automatically control the oil level and lubricate the various greasing points, you can control the condition of your fleet in a simple and environment-friendly way. This is maximum output with minimum effort.


The Active Safety concept of Groeneveld, Greensight, plays an important role with respect to safety on the road. The roads are getting busier all the time and drivers cannot see and hear everything. Greensight keeps them informed about all that is happening in front, behind and beside them with cameras and sensors. This gives some extra security and will reduce the number of damage incidents.

Your efficiency is our challenge

With Groeneveld’s products, you can monitor the maintenance of your fleet in a simple way which prevents unnecessary downtime. Apart from this, you are helping to protect the environment, because you have prevented waste of oil and grease. This saves not only time and money but also the ozone, a comforting thought for now and the future.

For more information on Groeneveld call or or submit an online enquiry here.